Thank you to the women who made me fierce … as a model and mum

WHEN women lift women, it’s magic – that’s what I wrote on my Instagram post when I was nominated to post a black and white selfie this week.


The #ChallengeAccepted social media campaign aims to empower and support women.

Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria took part, sharing “love” for their sisters and “shining a light” on each other.

I posted two photos – one from when I was a model and a more recent one with my fourth baby, Casper. Here, I pay tribute to the women who have always championed me.

MY grandmother, Elizabeth, a retired music teacher, is affectionately known as “mad gran” to her four great grandchildren and is my biggest cheerleader.

As a vicar’s daughter, church and religion have been a huge part of her life. Growing up, my mother worked long hours so I spent a few nights a week and every holiday at her house. When I was a teenager, I moved in with her.

It was while living under her roof that I decided I wanted to be a Page 3 girl. I was nervous about telling her, expecting anger.

Instead, she dropped me at my test shoot in her green Nissan Micra and said she’d tell “pompa” – my grandad – so I wouldn’t have to.

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I am a mother of 4 children, keeper of 3 ducks, a ginger cat and wife to Mark Cavendish. Apart from navigating our mad house I am a Writer, Presenter, Influencer and Model.

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