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I think this last year has had everybody thinking about immune systems and health more than ever, looking into what vitamins are going to make them invincible.

I am a vitamin convert, pretty much since having babies I have needed to supplement my iron and a few other bits that I just struggle to keep on top of no matter how many bags of leafy greens I ingest. But I do try to find the balance between rattling around like a bag of loose change due to supplements and finding what I need in my diet.

Obviously, there are always trends for the latest ‘super food’, cast your mind back to the glory days of the goji berry and the acai bowl hype and they are just the middle of the roads, they actually are packed with antioxidants that will nudge you in the right direction, they are just not magic…and that’s ok.

Like anything in life, it is very rare to find something that is a one stop shop, hence why a balanced and varied diet is always going to be king. There are so many natural ingredients that have been used to balance, cleanse and support our bodies going back hundreds of years that span so many cultures and countries that hold some pretty impressive qualities themselves and loads of them are knocking about in your kitchen, garlic to fend of vampires for example!

Obviously, I kid about the vampires, everybody knows they love a garlic doughball as much as the next person. But seriously, keeping things as natural and back to basics as possible is no bad thing and also a key thing for me is something that fits in with life and all its funny twists and turns.

Steeps One Shot

So, when I started doing a little bit of reading about a product called ‘Steeps One Shot’ I was first struck with how closely its ingredients ran with what people had been saying for years about the natural ingredients effect of gut-health, digestion and managing inflammation and also a little helping hand to take a bit of pressure off of our immune systems too.

I also loved that it wasn’t a tablet-based supplement, it was …you’ve guessed it a shot, the clue is in the name (it even comes with a shot glass, so you can basically pretend you have a buzzing social life again!) So, the good stuff itself contains seven raw ingredients (organic and sustainably-sourced FYI) turmeric, ginger, chilli, garlic, onion and horseradish peeled, chopped and infused – or ‘steeped’ if you will for 12 weeks in Apple Cider Vinegar.

So, some of those ingredients are big guns in natural health, Turmeric for example. I cannot stomach a Turmeric Latte however much I try to be a cool kid but the properties it holds that are proven to assist inflammation and chronic pain are pretty world renowned.

Ginger, a solid fave in our house and the first in some hot water when anyone is poorly, its known for its anti-nausea and inflammation properties. Not just for pregnant people!

The apple cider vinegar itself has been used since as early as 400BC to treat pretty much everything you can think of and these days has lots of big claims, with actually very little backing it up…but what we do know is it helps reduce post-meal blood glucose -great news for diabetics and also it contains acetic acid which helps keep levels of stomach acid in check so helpful for those that suffer with reflux believe it or not!

Rocket fuel for humans

You may think, “jeez that sounds a bit punchy!” you would be correct, it knocks your socks off, basically rocket fuel for humans from the first sip. I actually really quite like that ‘head shaking’ strongness that hits you like a punch in the face as it is a kick up the backside that definitely wakes you right up.

But for some people I know it will be a challenge, so see it that way…a down in one scenario and then let it do its stuff. However, another crafty trick Steeps has up its sleeve is it can be mixed… and even in the way you are thinking! Add it to a bloody mary… boom! Or whack it in a salad dressing, its perfect and makes your elevates your kitchen prowess with no extra effort.

I am not saying it’s going to turn you into a gut health guru over night, but it will definitely give you a pep in your step whilst all the good stuff lends a hand to our bodies. Plus, did I mention you can put it in a Bloody Mary ? I did? Oh, cool.

Good news is I have a Special Discount code to purchase direct from Steeps – add ‘PETA15’ at check out for 15% off.

This blog is a sponsored post.

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