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Hey to all you lot that have wandered over from Instagram, anybody that has stumbled across me by a (hopefully) happy accident, welcome!

By nature, I am an over-sharer and I’m so excited about everything we have coming over here, blogs, brand partnerships, shopping, chats about the big things and the not so big too!

Hopefully I will manage to tick a box for everyone and if I am missing anything in particular … then just shout. Well… email but you get me drift!

Passion for words

One of my real passions is writing and this new space is going to become a real home for all my musings, rants and rave reviews and also lots of my previous work will be knocking about on here too.

Having spent many years writing and covering a multitude of topics from parenting highs and lows, contraception, finding your fashion groove, cooking, travel and all the mad bits in between. I feel very fortunate to have an additional platform here to tuck in some more little gems!

Support from a crazy little online community I never knew I needed has always blown me away, giving me the confidence to write openly about issues that are close to my heart, that leave me vulnerable as I speak as candidly as I can muster.

A big thank you for supporting, engaging, and cheering me on as you do, as it definitely gives me the confidence to share the bits of my life that aren’t so sparkly and not just show up on my best days.

My blogs will be a base for all the important conversations we are having, things I champion and general tomfoolery of my life in our mad house and I just love hearing from you guys too, ideas, topics… your bargain buy of the week…I want to know!

Sharing’s caring

As you will have already noticed from my socials, I love all things fashion and design…in particular my weaknesses being trainers and sunnies… but we won’t dwell! So, my website will allow me to keep sharing with you all my little treasures, latest loves and must haves in one wicked spot that’s easy to shop.

I have been loving hunting out some of the best of the High Street lately and popping it on my Instagram, with nobody not catered for… babies, toddlers, teens, men and women I have you covered! Just pets I’ve missed so far!

There is  also some exciting stuff coming in the podcast domain too, so that will all be added along with some episodes I guested on too, if you needed a bit more of me in your ears!  There is even a little clue to something else that’s on its way too… (not a baby!!) I cannot flippin’ wait to stop being annoying and share!

Anyway… thanks for coming for a gander, take a look about, make yourself at home and don’t be a stranger!




About Peta

I am a mother of 4 children, keeper of 3 ducks, a ginger cat and wife to Mark Cavendish. Apart from navigating our mad house I am a Writer, Presenter, Influencer and Model.

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