Seven year itch? We couldn’t live without each other

Like most couples, when we took our vows in 2013, we knew we were signing up for both good times and bad.

But we learned early on that the early years of marriage aren’t all hearts and flowers.

I spent our first wedding anniversary in hospital following major lung surgery, while Mark’s cycling commitments meant he was often away for weeks at a time.

Life sometimes felt like a battleground, and there had been little time to prioritise our relationship. In fact, at times it seemed like we could barely find a kind word to say to each other.

While I did my best to pull us together, as a team we were often physically apart and I was floundering. Sometimes it felt like nothing I did was good enough.

I won’t lie, I felt a bit abandoned too by the people I trusted when things got difficult.

While some friends were amazing, I remember noticing that the phone calls and texts from some of our “gang” had fallen away.

So with our seventh wedding anniversary on the horizon — a time when traditionally the shine has worn off married life and one or both partners get itchy feet — you might wonder how we made it this far.

Yet I can honestly say our marriage has never felt stronger.

Mark and I may have faced some really tough times, but instead of driving us apart, those times have helped us realise what’s really important: Being there for each other through bad times as well as good.

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