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Peta for Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie

Sometimes I just have to put a little bit of make up on just to give myself a little pick me up & remind myself I’m not always a ‘not so hot mess’.  Beauty Pie is still my go-to and brill for a little boost. 

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Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask

Do you like magic?  Yes? Good news! This mask is magic!  No? Then you will love this as it’s science really – not magic!  Dr Harris has created a gorge sleep mask, exclusively available at Current Body, that not only looks and feels dandy, it aids restful sleep and helps fine lines!  Even I wasn’t sure how good it could be before trying…BUT… I was not disappointed! Love it!

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The Naked Pharmacy

The Naked Pharmacy supplementsNatural Supplements to aid our busy lives – it’s such a minefield though right? The Naked Pharmacy don’t use any synthetic ingredients and they have a selection of products to aid a range of issues.  The one I love best is Saffrosun – the “Award winning supplement for children “which alleviates nervousness, helping them cope with stressful situations, reduces fatigue, improves sleep and restores emotional balance and focus – great for pre-exam nerves.  It has also been reported to help with emotional regulation in children with ADHD and sensory processing disorders so if you are being offered prescription meds for your child to help with these issues there is no harm in trying this natural approach first if you have any concerns. The Naked Pharmacy are available to answer any queries directly with you by phone and there is a wealth of advice on their website so take some time to do your own research too.  Other winning formulas are Marine Magnesium for sleep and Natruflex for gut, joints and muscles.

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Potage – Healthy ready meals

Potage Ready MealsWhat I love about Potage is that it is delivered next day and goes straight in the freezer. Each portion can quite easily be split between two unless you are a massive eater, which I’m not. The other bonus is that they are healthy – all the hard work is done for you in creating a balanced meal option for when you’re too busy to cook from scratch.  There are also some fantastic options for those that follow a low carb or low sugar lifestyle and get the bikini body in shape with minimal effort!

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HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna blanket

I love a good sauna – the heat increases your heart rate, dilating your blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to your skin.  Step into the HigherDOSE Sauna blanket for a proper detox and heal, it relaxes all the muscles in the body and the infrared technology is great for chronic pain issues too.  After a long, busy day you can get a little endorphin kick AND it’s like a big warm hug – we all need that sometimes.  It only takes 10 mins to heat up and packs down small for storage. This is not a sauna that you use in the nude. Full cotton coverings are recommended to soak up all the sweat or you will be sticking to the bag as you try to get out. And remember to drink lots of water before and after too. 

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Steeps One Shot

Peta Todd holding Steeps One Shot Apple Cider VinegarSo, when I started doing a little bit of reading about a product called ‘Steeps One Shot’ I was first struck with how closely its ingredients ran with what people had been saying for years about the natural ingredients effect of gut-health, digestion and managing inflammation and also a little helping hand to take a bit of pressure off of our immune systems too.

The apple cider vinegar itself has been used since as early as 400BC to treat pretty much everything you can think of and these days has lots of big claims, with actually very little backing it up…but what we do know is it helps reduce post-meal blood glucose -great news for diabetics and also it contains acetic acid which helps keep levels of stomach acid in check so helpful for those that suffer with reflux believe it or not!

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