My Name Is Peta, and I’m a Trainer Addict

The Trainer Life Chose Me

If you have followed me on Instagram for more than a hot minute, you will have come to realise that yes, of course I love my children, my husband blah blah blah…but ultimately my true, burning passion is – trainers.

I just cannot help myself. Truth be told I’m not even too sure that I want to be helped. Casting my mind back, I am not even too sure of when the illicit affair began, but it is well and truly a soul mate gig now. I mean , I got married in converse – not just the evening bit, all day. An amazing pair of ladies I discovered on Insta, used some off-cuts of lace from my dress to create beautiful see through panel at the sides of a pair of classic white converse and they were perfect for me.

Safe Sneaks

My comfort zone is trainers, I feel safe in them. I never run the risk of feeling overdressed or standing out too much. Perhaps the fact that I am just over 5’9 and all limbs has an effect too, I was always the tallest of all my friends and so when I wore heels I was always some kind of lighthouse figure towering above them. (Please do not misunderstand me, I have an ample heel collection too!)

Not that being tall is ever something I can say bothered me then and definitely doesn’t now.

Never Leave Me

So back to shoes, I just can’t let go of any pairs. Ones that were ‘must haves’ that I will probably never wear again, still have to stay because they stand out. Some are so amazing I will never wear them but couldn’t sleep without owning them.

I think a huge part of it is just how many different styles there are, the colourways are more exciting than ever too. You can rock chunky ‘spice girl’ era or timeless Nike internationalists.

Even high end fashion houses are involved now, the evolution of smart casual meant that it wasn’t just a blazer paired with jeans that was getting the thumbs up now it was trainers too. Praise be!

My collection

I don’t really like to commit and say exactly how many pair I have, mainly in case my husband is reading! But I think it’s around 80 pairs trainers alone. Sshhhhhhh. I just love how they can dress down an outfit a notch, add an element of relaxed without too much hassle. Also there is no age limit on a trainer now, I saw an lady who must have been in her 60’s the other day rocking a pair of pristine white trainers and she looked so wicked! I wanted to be her. So cool, chic and I bet flippin’ comfy.

They are just there for all occasions. Need to look banging, trainers. Need to go for a nice meal, trainers. Run for a bus, trainers. Its summer, but your feet don’t have the memo yet, trainers!

Pick a Team

Nike or Adidas? Reebok or Puma? I feel like you find a favourite and tend to gravitate back to them for life. It’s a serious affair you see!

I myself am a Nike girl through and through. Always have been, from being at school and the air bubbles stealing my heart. In my opinion the options for both fashion and active use are second to none and with the customisation options blowing everyone else out of the water!

That being said, you know when they say that when you have a second child your love doubles not halves? Well that’s what happened when I discovered Sophia Webster sneakers. Oh my word.

SW sneakers are works of art, they have personality, they have sass and its impossible to not have a little extra talk in your walk when you are wearing them. I mean, some even have ‘shoellery’…yep jewellery for shoes. Legend status shoe game.

Top Kick Picks

My top style of go to trainer is an Nike Internationalist Mid. They aren’t quite high top, comfortable and classic. Presently there are some dreamy spring colours with muted pinks, purples and yellows.

Lazercut white leather high top Airforce 1’s are up there for me in my fav pairs, they are so cool and different, each time I put them on I fall in love again.

Sophia Webster Flybys are a happy shoe, you can’t not smile with them on your toes!

Here I have linked a few of top spring must-have trainers to add to your kicks collection:

Women’s Nike Internationalist in Champagne £79.95

Women’s Nike Daybreak  in Ivory, light citron £79.95

Women’s Nike Air Max 270 React in Light Violet £97.97

Men’s Nike Blazer Low Leather in white and forest green £79.95

-Men’s Nike React Vision in White, platinum £114.95

– Men’s Nike Squash- Type platinum, wolf grey £79.95


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