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Our house is never quiet, it’s always loud and busy but unless its dinner time or there’s a problem with the WIFI, the children tend to be scattered. I think with all the extra time we have had with each other of late, it’s easier now more than ever to just let everybody have their space…but…sometimes together doesn’t always mean close.

Do you play games in your house? I mean actual games apart from when its Christmas? We never really used to, mainly because of the competitive tendencies of certain family members!

But I hate to say it, we have found some absolute corkers! Now the proud owner of a treasure trove of game shaped gems. We actually enjoy playing games. (Mark not so much!)
I barely recognise myself!


Obviously there are the classics, Charades, Monopoly and 20 Questions and they are still to notch… they haven’t aged a bit. Is there even anything funnier than watching someone desperately trying to act out Willy Wonka to no avail?

A long forgotten gold standard game is Twister. Humble, pull a hamstring twister. I promise you it isn’t as easy as you remember! The kids love it and in rounds that you get to spin, a creative license to adjust the instruction is par for the course!

How about a cheeky ‘Connect 4’, I will be honest and say I hate this one as I can never beat my husband. Never. It fills me with rage, but even the littlest hands in our family get involved with this one so it’s a winner.

Another banger, one I loved as a child is the humble ‘Pick up Sticks’ who knew you could effectively make a game from tidying up!!!

Jenga of any size is a staple in any collection. The real joy comes from seeing one member of the family slowly lose their mind at another player for accidentally rocking the table, then explode. Perfect, good, clean fun.

New Kids on The Block

So there is always space for new entries in the game hall of fame and a few taking these hot spots for us are Headbandz , Logo Game and Name the Emoticon.

Headbandz is one of Delilah’s favourites, although she has been known to position herself in front mirrors or shiny surfaces to gain an unsportsmanlike advantage.

The flash card game Name the Emoticon is basically the perfect way to make yourself feel old really quickly. Basically ‘say what you see’ but with no real idea what you are looking at!

Now I’ve saved the best till last. The Logo game. I love it because I’m good at it, in fact I may put it on any future CVs as I’m that proud of my skills. There’s an updated version that is better for the children as there are more current brands, but either way it’s actually a crowd pleaser.

Game, Set and Match

I am not saying we are the Walton’s and are definitely not spending every second having family game night, but actually beating your family members in their own home, even the kids…its good, clean fun. Oh, and never Pie Face. Never.


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