Dealing with being in limbo and handling uncertainty in this new ‘normal’

LAST week, I had a moment. I felt overwhelmed by everything I needed to do yet simultaneously lost and unsure of my next move.


This moment – well, it was an entire day – had been on the horizon for a while. But I’d kept it at bay. Then the return to home-schooling after Easter pushed me over the edge.

I know millions of people around the world are home-schooling. But for most of us, this isn’t a choice. It is not something we feel comfortable doing alongside work, cooking, cleaning, first aid and entertaining.

It feels like a lot. Because it is. My kids had work to do, back-to-back lessons on Zoom and even a virtual assembly. Mark was training in the gym and on the indoor bike all day, while I had writing to do and for 59 minutes of every hour at least one of the kids needed feeding.

I felt like I was drowning.

I put on a bit of concealer, as I didn’t want to appear broken on Zoom calls. I shouldn’t have bothered because by 10am I’d rubbed my eyes red.

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