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Peta’s Discount Codes

Have you ever wanted to try any of Peta’s recommendations? Here is a complete list of all her personal favourites in one place., along with some exclusive discount codes.   Beauty Pie Sometimes I just have to put a little…

Steeps One Shot – Wellness in a Bottle

I think this last year has had everybody thinking about immune systems and health more than ever, looking into what vitamins are going to make them invincible. I am a vitamin convert, pretty much since having babies I have needed…

My Top 5 Spring Beauty Products

Winter is always a killer on my skin and hair, being outside in the cold chasing the kids around and inside snuggled up with the central heating on doesn’t do any of us any favours. I’ve pulled together a few…

Fast Forward To Family Fun

Without letting ourselves get too excited, who is starting to allow themselves to dream of days where you pack a lunch the night before, get up and out first thing in the morning to spend our days with friends? Parks,…

Games with the Gang – Top Family Board Games

Our house is never quiet, it’s always loud and busy but unless its dinner time or there’s a problem with the WIFI, the children tend to be scattered. I think with all the extra time we have had with each…

My Name Is Peta, and I’m a Trainer Addict

The Trainer Life Chose Me If you have followed me on Instagram for more than a hot minute, you will have come to realise that yes, of course I love my children, my husband blah blah blah…but ultimately my true,…

For the Love of Shackets

There are trends and then there are ‘TRENDS’! It’s safe to say the Shacket is the latter and it’s here to stay.  Although it’s a name that people seem to love to hate, (I mean if you say Shacket over…

About Peta

I am a mother of 4 children, keeper of 3 ducks, a ginger cat and wife to Mark Cavendish. Apart from navigating our mad house I am a Writer, Presenter, Influencer and Model.

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